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Tail Walkin' Silver ~ My "Favorite" Fishin'

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 "Signature Series" ALASKA Fishing Vacation Packages

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"The River

Arrive Monday PM 
Fish Tuesday - Saturday       
5  Days  River  Fishing  
Salmon  and / or  Trout
6  Nights Waterfront Lodging
Depart AM Following Sunday 

Salmon & Trout   
"The River" Is "Your" Choice


Each Package Includes
Guided Fishing / All Equipment
Waterfront Lodging
Fish Delivered To Processor
Sincere Interest In "Pleasing You"!

"River   &  Sea"

Arrive Sunday PM  
Fish Monday - Saturday
5  Days River Fishing
1 Day  ~   Halibut
      7  Nights Waterfront Lodging
Depart AM Following Sunday 

Salmon  Trout  
 and.... Halibut Fishing


Client's Responsibility
Meals ~ Food
Fishing License
Fish Processing
Ground Transportation


We have such confidence in the "ability and reliability" of our people & services,
 guides, lodging facilities, equipment, fish processing, etc. that we offer you a 
"Money Back Guarantee" 
and more important.....
A Sincere Interest in You and Your Entire ALASKA Vacation 





"The River" & "River & Sea" Are Our Most Popular Trips" with "The Boys Gone Fishin' Again !
Couples Looking for a "Lot" of Fishing and The "Extended Male Family"

However ~ "Your Trip" Can Be Quite Different 
Couples . Family / Kids / Grandparents . Corporate Groups . Fish & Adventure Travel

Quick Fish ~ "Shorty" Packages 
Adventure Travel  .   Bear Viewing  .  Fly ~ In Fishing  .  Kenai Fjords Cruise  

Fishing & Adventures 

Quick Fish 

The "Couple's" River

Arrive: Sunday
Fish Halibut: Monday
Fish Salmon: Tues & Wed
Kenai Fjords Cruise: Thur
Fish Salmon: Friday
Sightsee . Bear View: Sat
Depart: AM Sunday

Arrive: Sunday
Fish Halibut: Monday
Fish Salmon: Tues - Thurs
Lodging: Sun - Thur
Depart: Friday AM

Fish 4 Days . Stay 5 Nights

Arrive: Monday
Fish Salmon: Tues & Wed
"Day ~ Off": Thursday
Fish Salmon: Fri & Sat
Depart: AM Sunday 

Fish 4 Days . Stay 6 Nights


Today's Economics

We Want Your New Business    And... We'll "Do What It Takes To Get It"

"Match Price"  .  Service  .  Consumer Protection                  A "Win . Win" Deal

Call "Chick" Today For    "Your"  Price       907 252 4589

  Click'n Plan "Your" ALASKA Fishing Vacation Package



Super Airfare Deals

Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air

"Super Deals" if you can fly out of a city served by Alaska Airlines or a Partner

For Our "Confirmed" Guests
The Savings Can Be Very Substantial



"Personalized" Alaska Fishing Vacation Packages

"Chick offers every type of fishing package 
there is up here in the KENAI RIVER area.
Looking To Go To ALASKA, Call Chick Kishbaugh, 
You'll Have A Great Time!" 
Keith Warren's   
Outdoor Adventures    TV Show

A "Great Fishing Vacation"
Based On "Excellence Over Time"
That's The Deal  ~  Generation After Generation

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Keith Warren    Outdoor Adventures    TV Show

Keith Warren



Economics Today

Four Decades ~  Our "Handshake & Professional Competence" 
Produced "Great ALASKA Fishing Trips" & "Generation After Generation Friendships"

We've Never Done and  Still Won't Do "So So or Good Enough"
We Do Offer "Exactly The Trip"  You Want      "Value Added ~  Superior Service"

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Consumer Protection




We Do Things Right
We Are "Fishing Guides" in the "Fishing Business"

Our trips maximize your fishing experience  and not our income today. 
Your fishing experience "today" maximizes our income "in the future" !


Our Goal Is Not To Take You Fishing in Alaska "Next Year"
Our Goal Is To Take You . Your Friends . Business Associates
Fishing In Alaska The "Next Forty Years"

To give you the absolute best chance to experience "good fishing". 
We could generate more money with two half day trips, but we don't. 





2   ~    22
Men . Couples . Mixed . Family . Corporate Groups 
Seasonally Priced & Specialty Fishing ~ Adventure Travel Packages 

Group  & Family Discount Packages

Fly In Fishing Trips  
Fly - In Trips Can Add Species Diversity & Flight ~ Seeing Opportunity 
Various Fly - In Day Trips Can Be Fit Into Any of Our Fishing Packages

Fishing "On Your Own"
For The "Die Hard Fisherman" On Vacation "Where It Won't Get Dark"
The "After Hours" Fishing Opportunity Is Almost Limitless
Just Out Your Cabin Door There's Salmon or Trout
Within a Short Drive ~ You'll Find "Lots" of Self Guided Fishing
Advice Is FREE

Our Clients Enjoy Private  Kenai River Sockeye / Red Salmon Fishing  


Alaska Cruise Ship 
A Popular Way to Extend Your Cruise is "Fishin' The Kenai" 
We'll Help You Plan a "Kwik Fish ALSKA" Package 


Weddings  .  Honeymoon  .  Family Reunion
The "Intimacy of Two" or The "Whole Darn Family"
Enjoy An ALASKA Fishing ~ Adventure Travel Package
"Showcasing Our Alaska" at  Very  Affordable  Group Rates


Corporate  ~  Business Vacation Packages
Corporate Meeting        Incentive Travel
Fishing  ~  Adventure Travel  ~  Golf ~ Fish
Work Hard  &  Play Hard 

Bear Viewing
Seasonally, "Fly - In" and / or "Hike - In" Bear Viewing
Can be Included in Your Vacation Package 
Fly - In Fishing and Bear Viewing

Golf  ~  Fishing Vacation Packages
Hard to find time to Golf and Fish  ~  Not "On the Kenai"
We've Got The Big Bertha or Ping Putter Package Just Right For You !

Adventure Activities ~ Sight & Flight Seeing
 These trips will dove-tail with your fishing plans.  
Kenai Fjords Tours . Sea Kayaking . Glacier Tours . Whale Watching 
Bear Viewing . Dog Sled Rides . Whitewater Rafting
etc. can be "dovetailed" with our Alaska Fishing Vacations
Denali Nat'l Park . Kenai Nat'l Wildlife Refuge . Chugach Nat'l Forest . 


RV Travelers
May ~ June  &  August September Free Kenai Riverfront RV Space
With Our "Salmon Fishing"  and Free RV Space with Our Halibut Charters


Diverse Habitats From Coastal ~ Rolling Lowlands to Alpine
Provide a "Home" to a Wide Variety of Birds in a Small Area

Your Processed Fish 
are filleted, froze, ( smoked ? ) and vacuum sealed and boxed. 
They can "go with you as luggage" or be shipped after you are back home.

Easy To Find  
Fly To Anchorage . Rental Car . 3 Hour "Scenic Drive" On Excellent Highway 
Or ~ Fly To Anchorage . Continue Flight To Kenai . Then a 15 Minute Drive  

Discount Car Rentals      ALASKA Airfare Deals   ~   Please Ask $$
Save $$     Available for Our "Confirmed" Guests     $$ Save



After Your Trip Is Confirmed, 
We will assist in any manner that you need.
Airline reservations, discount rental vehicles, "suggested" equipment & clothing.
You'll receive driving directions & on - line Fishing License info.

We'll Get You "ALL" The Need To Know Info in a Timely Manner


Our MN Group  Every Year   24  Years

You're In "Experienced" Hands     
Let Us Put This SMILE "On Your Face"  

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Alaska Fishing Vacations
Our Clients Said

"And thanks to you, some of the
most exciting fishing we ever
expected to happen to us"
O. McKinnon

"Here's the deposit,
already looking forward to the trip. 
But it can't be as good as last year."
Duane Lund

Alaska Fishing Vacations

We Can't Take "EVERYONE" Fishing

The trip you are thinking about today and hope to confirm next week 
is the exact same trip someone else was thinking about last week and is confirming this week.

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